Lost in a mall


Happy holidays!

On Christmas Eve, my mom and I took Henry and Violet to see Santa at the mall in my small hometown. When we got there, Santa was on break for a half an hour, so we walked around a bit. After fifteen minutes or so, I decided to wait in line with Violet while Mom took Henry to get some wiggles out.

Unfortunately, Henry has a charming new habit of running. Without notice. Just fast and as far away as possible.

Apparently he took off running when she wasn’t paying attention for a second, and she lost him. I looked over and saw her standing maybe 20 feet from me, looking really freaked out, and I didn’t see Henry anywhere. I said, “where is he?” and she said she didn’t know. I took off running (still carrying the baby but abandoning my stroller, purse, and most importantly my Diet Coke). You guys, it was so scary. We were right by a huge department store and I had no idea if he’d gone in there or if he was in some other part of the mall.

I decided to double back to where he’d been with Mom and found him tearing around laughing hysterically maybe 2 minutes later. He did not think it was funny when I forcibly picked him up and hauled 53 pounds of child (34 of Henry and 19 of Violet) back to the Santa line.

Where we discovered that Santa had returned and we were now at the back of the line.

So we waited again. I gave Violet to my mom and contained Henry for the 20 minutes or so that we waited. Honestly, we should have just left. I was angry at my mom and myself and Henry (I know it’s not fair that I felt that way, but it’s how I felt in the moment), I was scared by what could have happened, and it was getting to be nap time.

However, we soldiered on. We waited for people to take 5-10 photos each and then spend time picking out photos before the next group went to see Santa. (Why would you not streamline it so that you can buy the pictures what the next group takes photos? Ugh.) And then, finally, we were up next.

And then Henry peed his pants.

It wasn’t very much so I pretended I didn’t notice what had happened. Please don’t judge me.

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